A Guide To Purchasing Conflict-Free Diamonds

Have you heard about blood diamonds? Blood diamonds are diamonds that have been acquired through conflict, forced labour, child labour and smuggling. Even with a certification system that prevents people from purchasing these diamonds, the industry still exists. It can also be difficult to identify if you’re purchasing blood/conflict or conflict-free diamonds.

One way to get rid of the blood diamonds industry is to be a wise consumer. In this article, we provide you with tips on how you can ensuring that you are purchasing conflict-free diamonds. Take note of the following steps:
Ask the jeweller. – One way to determine if it’s a conflict-free diamond is to ask the jeweller where the diamond was mined. A trustworthy jeweller will always know where the diamond was mined or where they acquired it. If the jeweller doesn’t know, look for one who can.
Do not purchase diamonds from countries known for supplying conflict diamonds. – The people managing the mines in these countries are known for…

Advantages of Choosing Custom Engagement Rings

Are you looking for an engagement ring you’re going to use to ask her hand for marriage? You might have seen a large collection of engagement rings from different jewellers and still think that most of them just look the same. Do you want to give her an engagement ring that’s not only going to represent your love but will also be unique?

If you want a ring that only your loved one has, then choosing custom engagement rings are the best option. With a custom ring, you can have it customize according to her liking. Here are other advantages to choosing custom rings:
It shows how committed you are to her. – With all your involvement in the process of designing the ring, you can show her that you are committed and dedicated to giving her only the best. You are going to be directly involved in the entire process – from sharing your ideas and preferences to ensuring that you get the right ring. The entire process can take a long time so this really requires you to allot plenty of your time an…